Project Posters

Dear undergraduate engineering students,

Air Defense College (ADC) is proud to organize the 2021 International Telecommunications Conference (ITC-Egypt'2021) jointly with the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University which will take place at the Air Defense College (ADC), Alexandria, Egypt from 13 to 15 July 2021. It is expected to attract many delegates worldwide attend the grand event.

All undergraduate engineering students are invited to submit a one-page proposal to the ITC-Egypt'2021 and demonstrate their engineering skill, talent and capability of defending their innovative ideas through posters and seminars. Project posters are intended to cover all areas of interest as listed in the conference topics. The participating students could attend all the conference activities, free of charge.

Monetary prizes will be awarded in various categories:

  • Best Undergraduate Research Poster (5000 EGP).
  • Best Undergraduate Creative Design Poster (5000 EGP).
  • Best Undergraduate Display (5000 EGP).

Students will present a THREE minute overview of their project Judges will have THREE minutes to ask questions Poster Presentations will be judged on the basis of content and effective communication. Displays will be judged on the basis of aesthetics and effective communication.

Proposal Written Content

  • Project title
  • Project author(s) information
  • Short project abstract (250 words maximum)
  • Topic area (as listed in the conference call for papers)
  • One to five keywords
  • As a guideline for the content, the following information is considered to be relevant:
    • Runtime of the project
    • Participating partners
    • Pursued approach and methodology
    • Current status of the project
    • Excerpt of intermediate/Preliminary results
  • References and acknowledgements can also be included if there is space.
  • Instructions for Formatting Poster

    • Posters should not exceed 36” tall x 48” wide
    • When laying out your poster, leave a minimum of ½” white border along all four edges
    • Posters should not include large masses of dark colors
    • Students are responsible for preparing a poster with sufficient graphic quality and image quality to meet their expectations
    • Students are responsible for proofreading their posters prior to submitting it.
    • Students must provide a PDF file of the poster at full scale.

    Interested undergraduate engineering students are requested to fill-in the included registration form (Register as Student) of ITC-Egypt'2021 conference.

    Please visit the conference website at to upload the ONE PAGE project proposal.

    Then, AFTER SELECTION notification, visit the conference website at to upload the project poster.

    We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at ITC-Egypt'2021 in Air Defense College (ADC), Alexandria, Egypt!

    Important Dates

    • Deadline for submission of one-page proposal: 15 May 2021
    • Notification of selection: 25 May 2021
    • Deadline for PDF final poster submissions: 31 May 2021           5 June 2021
    • Registration Deadline: 1 June 2021          10 June 2021

For more information and enquiries, please, contact: Dr. Ahmed Khairy (+201005602676)

Project Posters Horizontal Plan

Available Booths
Project Name
hall maket

Booth Reserved
A-10Wireless Security , MISR Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology
B-03Auto Updated Streets-Information on Map: Based on OCR and NLP , Cairo University
B-04Face Mask Detection System-Covid
B-05Design and Implementation of 5G PDSCH RX , Cairo University
B-06Smart Radio Communications Network Systems , Air Defense College
B-07Building Management System and IOT , Air Defense College
B-08Beamforming MIMO Phased Array Antenna System , Air Defense College
B-09Smart Vehicles Networks , Air Defense College
B-10High Power Electromagnetic Pulse System , Air Defense College
C-01Auto Updated Streets-Information on Map: Based on OCR and NLP , Cairo University
C-02Development of the On-Board Computer Software for Cube Satellite , Zagazig University
C-03AI Powered Video Editing Facilitator for Online Educational Systems (T-Montaj) , Nile University
C-04Face Mask Detection System-Covid , Egyptian E-Learning University
C-05Design of an Educational Military System Using Artificial Intelligence , Air Defense College
C-06Applying Artificial intelligence within Computer Vision for Accurate Counting of Exercises Repetitions , Air Defense College
C-07Micro-Controller Based System for Registration, Fusion and Encryption of Medical Images , Mansura University
C-08Smart PH Water Acidity Treatment System Based on Arduino Controller , Mansura University
C-09Chasing The Fire Using Machine Learning and Embedded Systems , Mansura University
C-10Under Water Rescue Robot (U.R.R) , Mansura University
C-115G FPGA Based TEST-BED , Al-Azhar University
C-12Design and Implementation of Proposed an Intelligent Robot for Landmine Detection and Data Transfer Through Video , AIET
C-13Face Mask Detection , KMA
C-14Design and Control of Robotic Hands , Air Defense College
C-15Design of Smart Wireless Sensors Network (WSN) , Air Defense College
C-16Chibi Robo ,AIET
C-17Design and Implementation of Proposed Air Defense Battalion Security System Based on Microcontrollers, Smart Cameras and Electronic Sensors , Air Defense College
C-18Smart Gloves for the Voiceless , Canadian International College
C-193D Construction Printer , Canadian International College
C-20Smart Cooling System Using PLC , Mansura University
C-21Optimal Sizing and Sitting of Hybrid PV and Wind Energy with Fuel Cell for Supplying Distribution Network in Egypt , Pharos University
C-22Jamming Analysis and Transmission Selection , Air Defense College
C-23Simulation of LIDAR System for Detection and Ranging Using Laser Technique , Air Defense College
C-24Wireless Confidentiality and Cipher System Using Embedded System , Air Defense College
C-25Inbuilding and Outbuilding Solutions for Mobile Communication , Air Defense College
C-26Augmented Wireless Inertial Motion Capture System for Human Body Tracking , El-Minia University