Tutorials, Workshops and Short Courses

Dear all Participants,

On behalf of the committee of the 2021 International Telecommunications Conference (ITC-Egypt’2021), I am very pleased to have the honor of inviting you to participate in our technical activities (Tutorial – Workshop – Short Course).

Attend a Tutorial

Tutorials are small group sessions designed to complement lectures and are generally more informal in nature. They give the chance to discuss issues with fellow participants and allow for more interaction than a traditional lecture. Each tutorial is led by a tutor who is a member of academic staff. Many benefits of attending a tutorial are:

  • Individual and unique learning experience.
  • One-on-one attention.
  • Improves academic performance.
  • Improves attitude towards learning and faculties.
  • Encourages self-paced and self-directed learning.
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improves work and study habits.

Attend a Workshop

Some of the most valuable experiences a professional can have are when he or she attends a workshop. Apart from learning new things, by attending a workshop, professionals can also build new relationships, establish connections with like-minded people, and even get to know clients and vendors on a more personal level. Many benefits of attending a workshop for working professionals are:

  • Assessment or Evaluation.
  • Novel Ways of Thinking.
  • Opportunities for Networking.
  • Developing New Prowess.
  • Inspired to Work Better.
  • Having Fun While Learning.
  • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Attend a Short Course

Short courses are for everyone. With so many courses and a multitude of providers, the potential benefits of short courses include skill development, industry accreditation, accessibility, continuing professional development, career exploration and a realistic pathway to further study. Many benefits of attending a short course for working professionals are:

  • Check the fine print and assess your needs.
  • Career Exploration.
  • A pathway to further study/training.
  • A boost for your CV.
  • Keeps your skills current in readiness for opportunities.
  • Plugs knowledge gaps.
  • Reinventing yourself.
  • Networking Potential.

How to Attend Our Free Technical Activities?

  1. Register: Go to the register page by CLICK the Register/ Login button, please go to the page https://itc2021-adc.org.
  2. Login: Go to the login page if you previously registered, please go to the page https://itc2021-adc.org/login and LOGIN with your E-Mail Address and Password.
  3. Reserve to Attend: Go to the workshops and short courses page and CLICK the Reserve button beside the workshop(s) or / and short course(s) to attend.
  4. If you are not from our participates (Author – Project Student Member – Exhibitor Member) whom they paid their registration fees. You must register as OTHER (Tutorial Attend) , (Workshop Attend) and / or (Short Course Attend) and PAY your registration fee as Attend, please go to the page https://itc2021-adc.org/login (Registration Fees).
  5. Certificate is provided.

Available Tutorials

  • Perspective of the RFID Technology from the Concept of the EM Field Theory

    Dr. Yasser M. Madany, Senior, Member IEEE, URSI Senior Member, Air Defense College, Alexandria University, Egypt

Available Workshops

  • Design, Analysis and Implementation of High-Power Passive Microwave Components

    By: Dr. Ahmed Hamed, Air Defense College, Egypt

  • Design and Implementation of Ransomeware Cyber Security

    By: Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Seif, Air Defense College, Egypt

Available Short Courses

  • Design and Implementation of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Circuits

    By: Eng. Mostafa Hamed, Air Defense College, Egypt

  • Design and Implementation of FIR Digital Filter Using FPGA

    By: Eng. Bahaa El-Din Mahmoud, Air Defense College, Egypt
          Eng. Hossam Mahmoud, Air Defense College, Egypt